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About Khan

Being categorized in the same league as Joe Satriani and Steve Vai in U.S guitar magazines, Khan Manuel has solidified a place as one of the new guitar heroes in the world of guitar.

In September 2013 Khan released his 2nd studio album ‘The Message’, which has so far received critical acclaim worldwide with reviews stating they ‘couldn’t rate one song below a 4 out of 5’. This was a hard feat to follow considering his debut album ‘The Knight’ went to #1 on 2 separate guitar charts in the U.S in 2008.

Khan endorses Ibanez guitars, Mesa Boogie amplification, and Ernie ball strings, all iconic brands which feature artists including – Carlos Santana, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Benson, and a number of other guitar masters.

Khan Manuel began teaching himself the guitar at the early age of 9, with the help of his father, introducing him to classics from Hendrix, George Benson, Clapton, Gary Moore among many others. However it wasn’t until hearing the melodies of Joe Satriani, which ignited his passion. This introduced Khan to the 80s shred craze and the likes of Yngwie Malmsteen, Frank Gambale, Steve Vai, Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore and countless other guitar heroes. One style that Khan focused on was finger style and recalls studying Australian legend Tommy Emmanuel and his ideas on treating the guitar in 3 parts – Bass, chords and melody all at the same time.

It’s very hard to categorize Khans style into one area, as there is mastery in most of them. Fusion from Gambale, melodies from Satriani, fire from Malmsteen, soul from Gary Moore and technique from a number of other players. There are even touches of country from the likes of Brent Mason, and Johnny Hiland.

From winning prestigious awards as music Ambassador of the year and the Ibanez Joe Satriani guitar competition, to recording with one of his early heroes Frank Gambale, it is obvious that there is an enormous passion and love for the art of music and guitar.

Khan has been featured in numerous online guitar magazines/blogs and radio stations from around the world and has also penned an instructional treatise for the studying guitar entitled ‘Guitar Insights’.

Be sure to watch out for tour dates, as Khan Manuel is one guitar player that you’ll be glad you went to see.