March 19, 2015 Update – Australian Tour 2015


We did the 1st show of the tour last week in Sydney at The Vanguard, and it was soi much fun! The band was – Bobby Poulton on Bass, Simon Dawes on Guitar and Guy Hughes on drums. The crowds reaction was ‘The Show Was Awesome’! So that was great feedback! The next show is in Canberra. Am really looking forward to it, as I havent played in Canberra for a few years. After that its Adelaide, Perth and Melbourne. Theres also more dates to be added. Fun times touring. I am also releasing a new CD. Its called

‘Strictly Acoustic Vol 1’ It consists of 13 tracks that I have put on youtube etc and done acoustic arrangements of, like – Paparazzi (Lady Gaga), Heaven (Bryan Adams) Man in the mirror, Thinking out loud (Ed Sheeran) Tears in heaven etc. Head to the store page in a few weeks and it will be available a digital download.

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March 12, 2015 Write up in – Weekend Notes magazine

A recent write up in the Weekend Notes magazine , please click here –

July 4, 2014 Write up in Guitar Vibe Magazine

I’ve recently discovered Australian super shredder Khan Manuel, and he is one wicked guitar player. His playing is in the same league as Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, with tons of melody and a healthy dose of down and dirty blues.

His forthcoming second studio album “The Message” is out in May and Khan has released the title track as a single. I’ve posted the official video below.

You can purchase Khan’s earlier music including “The Knight” and “Live in Australia” at Amazon or iTunes. The live album was recorded at The Basement in Sydney and includes a couple of covers of “Little Wing” and “Lenny.” I’ve not seen Khan play live and missed him when I was in Sydney. So I hope he embarks on a world tour soon.

Guitar fanatics can also a free PDF of Volume 1 of Khan’s Guitar Insights

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June 26, 2014 Interview with ‘The Aussie Word’

New Exclusive interview I did for the ‘Aussie Word’ online magazine, cheers Brian Peel!
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April 10, 2014 Update and New Website

Hi all! And welcome to the brand new website at! This is my new home online and you can see Tour dates, latest news, videos of original material and cover songs. Also there is an online store where Cds, DVDs and books are available. I hope that you enjoy the new site and remember to connect on facebook and twitter!

Over the past year I have had my head down composing for the new album ‘The Message’… and finally it is here! It was released September 25th last year, and since has had some fantastic reviews from around the world. Last months issue of Australian Guitar Magazine, Australias #1 Guitar mag had a very positive review stating ‘The Message could well put Khan Manuel up there with the likes of Satriani and Vai’. Which was positive feedback.

I am just beginning to migrate an Online Guitar University that is available to people world wide and expanding Sydney Harbour Guitar Tuition with the introduction of new teachers, which is cool. Theres also a feature that promotes the services of musicians world wide who I work with. My focus now is to promote the new music with plenty of touring and Australian and New Zealand dates are currently being booked.

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October 24, 2013 The Message review – Guitar On Sky Magazine

Hey yall, here is a new review that was done on The Message album, click here to read –

February 8, 2012 Khan 2012 update

Hey everyone,

I have mostly been wrting updates on Facebook.. at the moment I am in full swing of writing material for the new album. Sor far very happy with what I have. Please connect on Facebook to keep up to date as I blog in there a lot.

Cheers, Khan

July 10, 2011 Khan 2011 update

Hey everyone!
I havent written in in awhile, so I thought that I had better keep you all updated! First of all thanks to all of you for your continued support! I have had a great response from the ‘Live @ The Basement Album’, it was ranked 1st at Guitar 9 records. Also last year I was nominated for an award back in the Southern part of New Zealand where I was raised. The award was for ‘Ambassador Of The Year’. I was very happy to have won it and I thank everyone back in NZ who still listen and check out whats been happening. On another note I am 3 songs into a new studio album, and I can tell you know that I think that I am currently playing and writing the best that I ever have. So watch out for updates on that.. I hope to release it in November this year. All of my guitars needed some TLC so I took them into Ibanez headquarters here in Sydney and they were kind enough to give them all a tidying up. The white JEM needed all the frets replaced as I had played it that much that the frets had worn down to nothing… it was like playing a fretles guitar! So I get that back in the coming weeks. Also I went to Los Angeles about a month ago… to check it out and to potentially do some things/gigs/classes etc in the near future. It was an amazing experience and I am definitely going back to do gigs etc. At the moment I am focusing on doing gigs in Australia as well as a few other things in the works. Thanks again for all the support! I am so very very grateful! Its freezing in Sydney now… so if your in Sydney, turn your heater on and keep warm!! thanks everyone and talk soon, cheers Khan

November 2, 2010 Khan featured in Guitar International Magazine

Dr Matt Warnock

What is it about Australia that just breeds world-class guitarists? Often considered an “out of the way” country because of its distance from the Western world, Oz has produced some of the finest pickers of the past fifty years. Guitarists such as Tommy Emmanuel, Frank Gambale and up and comer Adam Miller have become household names on both sides of the Pacific. In recent years another name has emerged to stand alongside these Australian guitar giants, Khan Manuel.

As a player, Manuel’s approach to the instrument is highly influenced by his love of composition. Yes the guy can shred with the best of them, but that’s not the focus of his musical output. He tends to focus more on developing melodies, letting the technical side of things act as a contrast, an energetic burst that only accentuates each melodic phrase even further.

Drawing from jazz-fusion, rock, metal and classical music in his playing and writing, Manuel’s style is unique, yet locked into the musical tradition at the same time, a duality that allows his music to speak to a larger audience than just the shred-guitar loving crowd.

Aside from being an accomplished performer and composer, Manuel is also a highly-respected guitar pedagogue and author. His ebook Guitar Insights, which is free by the way so go download it now!, is an in-depth treatise on the guitar in its modern context.

Providing enough information to keep any guitarist busy for a lifetime, the book offers everything an up and coming guitarists needs to get their technique and harmonic-melodic knowledge up to par.

With his first album The Knight and ebook receiving so much attention, as well as recently signing an endorsement deal with Ibanez and recording with Frank Gambale, it’s no wonder that Manuel is turning heads and catching ears everywhere he plays.

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October 29, 2010 New Sponsors ‘Mesa Boogie’ Amplification

Khan is proud to have new sponsors – ‘Mesa Boogie’ Amps! Khan says that Mesa Boogie have been one of the leading Amp companies over the last few decades and that he is grateful to have such a company to support him! Khan thanks Rowan Syms and the team at ‘Pro Audio’ supplies in Canberra for getting the Deal with Mesa Boogie Amps in Califorina U.S.A. Some other players sponsored by Mesa Amps are – Carlos Santana, John Petrucci, Andy Timmons, Dave Gilmore, Kirk Hammett, Al Dimeola, Lee Ritenour and many other great players! Khan has chosen to play the famous Dual Rectifier as his main Mesa Boogie amp and hopes to have it in the next month!! Check out the Mesa Boogie Website @

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